Beach Tennis Open Saarlouis 2018

23. – 26/08/2018

In 2018 the town of Saarlouis in the Saarland region of Germany will welcome again of the biggest beach tennis tournaments in Europe.

German Beach Tennis Championships, international ITF tournament, amateur cup of Saarlouis, Beach Tennis for Kids, Open Courts, guaranteed beach feeling, cool side program and much more.

From 23 to 26 August the city centre of Saarlouis close to the French border will transform again into an international beach tennis mecca.

A perfect debut – the Saarland region in Germany has established itself as a top-notch beach tennis destination with the exceptional ITF tournament in Saarlouis. Hosted by TSV Ford Steinrausch, the 15,000-dollar competition saw mind-boggling performances by the world’s leading beach tennis players in front of a cheering crowd in what was a perfectly organised event in a unique urban environment. As one of the initial supporters of the event, Klaus Bouillon, the regional minister of the interior, emphasised the significant potential of this competition that put the German town on a par with other international beach tennis destinations. And the athletes set the bar high as well.

Beach tennis in the middle of a city – this unique experiment proved successful with the Beach Tennis tournaments in Saarlouis, Germany. 2018 the urban Beach Tennis event is coming back! Save the date 23. – 26. August 2018!

Klaus Bouillon

Regional minister of sports and the interior

“It was a fantastic tournament. I am convinced that this event has great potential for expansion over the next few years. The German Championships were the beginning – the European and the World Championships are to follow.”

Reiner Beushausen

Vice-president German Tennis Association

“Events like this appeal to a young audience and we need young people for beach tennis. This was something for everyone, not on a remote beach somewhere, but right here in the middle of the city with a great atmosphere and food and drink stands.”

Flaminia Daina


“This was an outstanding tournament with a superb organization. Thanks for everything."

Draws & Order of play


The registration for the tournament is closed.

We are looking forward to a great tournament with you!

Players information


    At the ITF $ 15.000 tournament in Saarlouis we will implement the new Prohibited Receivers Zone Rule.

    The prohibited service return zone („prohibited zone“) is the area between the net and an imaginary line parallel to, and three (3.0) metres from, the net and extending indefinitely beyond the sidelines. The intersection of the imaginary line and each sideline will be clearly indicated by a maker placed on or immediately outside the sideline. If the prohibited zone is applied, the receivers shall not touch any part of the court within the prohibited zone until the ball is in play.

    This is a project led by the ITF Beach Tennis but also supported by the Beach Tennis Player Association, whose representatives are also taking part in the tournament. The rule change is something the ITF is considering to make mandatory from 2019, so we want the players to embrace the rule and start familiarising with that.


    When arriving by plane:

    Nearest airports: Saarbrücken Airport (SCN); Frankfurt Hahn (HHN)

    When arriving by train:

    Nearest train station: Saarlouis Main Station


    We provide a shuttle service between airport and hotel as well as hotel an event site.

    Airport shuttle

    You arrive by plane? We’ll pick you up at the airport! Therefore please contact until 17 August 2018.

    Concerning the outward and the return flight please let us know about the following details concerning bith, the outward and the return flight:

    • Airport
    • Arrival / Departure date and time
    • Name and amount of people
    • Mobile numbers

    In the event of any later request the pick-up at the airport can’t be guaranteed. Please notice that we just provide a shuttle service to Saarbrücken Airport and Frankfurt Hahn Airport. If you arrive at Frankfurt Main Airport we please you to take the train and use the good connection to Saarlouis.

    Hotel shuttle

    Between friday, 24 August 2018 and Sunday, 26 August 2018 we offer a shuttle service between the Victor’s Residenz Hotel and the event site. The shuttle runs every 20 miutes between 7.45 am – 9.30 am.

    In addition, there is a public bus which leaves directly in front of the hotel (Station: Roden Allee-Haus) every 5 – 10 mintes. It takes 10 minutes to get to Kleiner Markt. Bus number: 401,402, 403 and 404.

    The walking distance to Kleiner Markt is about 20 minutes.

    The second official player’s hotel (Lothringer Hof) is in walking distance to the Kleiner Markt.


    Victos’s Residenz-Hotel Saarlouis

    Bahnhofsallee 4, 66740 Saarlouis

    Contact person: Lisa Fritz-Gönnheimer

    T: +49 6831 980-0


    Prices: Single Room: 70 € per night

    Double Room: 45€ per person per night

    Lothringer Hof

    Lothringer Straße 35, 66740 Saarlouis

    Contact Person: Irene Remark

    T: +49 6831 42880


    Prices: Single Room: 52 € per night; Double Room: 34 € per person per night


    The physiotherapist is the first contact person in case of injury during the match. Players who are still participating in the contest can be treated by the physiotherapist for free.

    Additional treatments can be booked for 15 € / 20 minutes.

    Taping in general costs 5 € per bandage.

    Every player is pleased to bring his/her own towel to the treatment.

  • INSTAGRAM competition

    WHAT are the prizes?

    Two vouchers for one person in a double room (2nd person pays regular price) for 7 days at Hotel Chiari in Cervia. (Possible dates: Easter holidays 2019, 20.-31. May 2019, 8. – 22 September 2019)

    HOW can you win?

    Post your Beach Tennis Open Saarlouis picture 2018 in the special frame on your public instagram account and link our page @planb_event_company plus use the Hashtag #BTOSaarlouis. We will raffle two winners at the end of the tournament

    For the conditions of partcipation click here.

Top Teams 2018

Nikita Burmakin

Date of Birth: 30.03.1989

Height/Weight: 190 cm / 79 kg

Nation: RUS

City: Sankt Petersburg

Hand: Right

Racket: Rakkettone

Tommasso Giovannini

Date of Birth: 21.08.1995

Height/Weight: 187 cm / 72 kg

Nation: ITA

City: Lugo

Hand: Right

Racket: Vision

Doriano Beccaccioli

Date of Birth: 28.04.1994

Height/Weight: 176 cm / 61 kg

Nation: ITA

City: Fiumicino

Hand: Right

Racket: Tricolore

Davide Benussi

Date of Birth: 06.11.1995

Height/Weight: 178 cm / 58 kg

Nation: ITA

City: Fiumicino

Hand: Left

Racket: Tricolore

Mikael Alessi

Geburtsdatum: 25.08.1990

Größe/Gewicht: 186 cm / 75 kg

Nation: ITA

Stadt: Rimini

Spielhand: rechts

Racket: MTB

Antomi Ramos-Viera

Geburtsdatum: 26.09.1993

Größe/Gewicht: 183 cm / 74 kg

Nation: ESP

Stadt: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Spielhand: rechts

Racket: Hight Power

Vinicius Font

Geburtsdatum: 04.11.1984

Größe/Gewicht: 181 cm / 79 kg

Nation: BRA

Stadt: Rio de Janeiro

Spielhand: rechts

Racket: Mormaii

Aksel Samardzic

Geburtsdatum: 13.07.1993

Größe/Gewicht: 196 cm / 94 kg

Nation: Dutch-Aruban

Stadt: Oranjestad

Spielhand: rechts

Racket: Mormaii

Sofia Cimatti

Date of Birth: 30.11.1992

Height/Weight: 166 cm / 55 kg

Nationality: ITA

City: Imola

Hand: Right

Racket: –

Flaminia Daina

Date of Birth: 25.06.1993

Height/Weight: 176 cm / 64 kg

Nationality: ITA

City: Rome

Hand: Right

Racket: Quicksand

Eva D’Elia

Date of Birth: 27.09.1982

Height/Weight: 170 cm / 66 kg

Nationality: ITA

City: Taranto

Hand: Right

Racket: Quicksand

Veronica Visani

Date of Birth: 12.11.1990

Hight/Weight: 170 cm / 66 kg

Nationality: ITA

City: Cesena

Hand: rechts

Racket: Quicksand

Maraike Biglmaier

Geburtsdatum: 27.07.1987

Größe/Gewicht: 168 cm / 56 kg

Nation: GER

Stadt: Berlin

Spielhand: rechts

Racket: –

Rafaella Adriana Miiller

Geburtsdatum: 14.05.1993

Größe/Gewicht: 177 cm / 75 kg

Nation: BRA

Stadt: Balneario Camboriu

Spielhand: rechts

Racket: Mormaii

Daria Churakova

Geburtsdatum: 10.04.1986

Größe/Gewicht: 173 cm / 60 kg

Nation: RUS

Stadt: Moskau

Spielhand: rechts

Racket: MBT

Irina Glimakova

Geburtsdatum: 17.06.1993

Größe/Gewicht: 183 cm / 62 kg

Nation: RUS

Stadt: St. Petersburg

Spielhand: rechts

Racket: High Power



Saarlouis, Kleiner Markt

Known as the “secret” capital of the Saarland region, Saarlouis saw some of the world’s best beach tennis players go head-to-head this summer on Centre Court at the Kleiner Markt square in the heart of this historic town near the French border. As well as three beach tennis courts and seating areas for fans, facilities included food stands and a large expo featuring some of the top brands from the world of beach tennis.

TSV Ford Steinrausch

TSV Ford Saarlouis Steinrausch was founded in 1977. With almost 850 members, it is today one of the largest clubs in the town of Saarlouis. It is divided into 13 different branches offering a wide range of sports and activities for children, teenagers and adults. Teams compete for TSV Ford Saarlouis Steinrausch in volleyball, badminton, tennis, boules and rock’ n’ roll. However, the club sees itself as more than “just” a place for sports enthusiasts. As well as organising its own sporting events and competitions, it is a prominent member of the community in Steinrausch (an area of Saarlouis) as well the town and the surrounding region. The club’s members also often take part in hikes and bike rides together. In 2014, TSV Ford Saarlouis Steinrausch built a sand court for beach tennis, beach volleyball, beach football, beach handball and other sports. Facilities also include a large grass pitch and event area for parties as well as showers and toilets. We look forward to welcoming new members and visitors!

Prize money

ITF $15.000

Rules & Conditions

Official ITF Rules 2018

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Project lead

Christian Stephan
PLAN B event company GmbH
Geiselgasteigstr. 120
81545 München

T: +49 (0)89 651299-47

Tournament lead

Maximilian Hamm
Beachclub 2010



Julia Conrad
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